ctober 2010

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~ Managed Services Update
~ Microsoft Office 2010
~ Get Citrix on your iPad
~ View our Citrix Showcase

Office 2010 Technology Guarantee

Looking to migrate to Office 2010 soon? lt could be free! If you purchased, installed, and activated a qualifying Microsoft Office 2007 product between March 5, 2010, and September 30, 2010, you are eligible to download Office 2010 at no additional cost. You just need to provide your Product ID and you can redeem your upgrade online. (Mailed DVDs are also avaiable for a small fee.) Please contact your sales rep to find out if you meet the eligibility requirements!

In a related note, Office 2010 Beta (versions 1 and 2) is set to expire on Halloween. Any Beta version you have installed will stop working on October 31st.

Autumn is Here!


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"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant."

~Robert Louis Stevenson



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News from Our Managed Services Department

As many of you are aware, Integrated IT Solutions had quite a busy summer upgrading our Managed Services toolset as we strive to continually improve the quality of support we provide to our valued clients (hey, that’s you!).
To this end, we have invested a significant amount of resources to roll out a product called Kaseya to centrally monitor, manage and maintain your networks. (You might think Kaseya is a strange name for a software package. It was chosen as the name of the company as an homage to an American Indian word meaning “to secure and protect.”) Going forward, Kaseya will help us provide you with the best level of proactive, secure and efficient network protection as possible.

Here are a few bullet points that describe what we are doing every day, remotely, on your network:   

  • Monitoring

    Proactive monitoring of servers, workstations, remote computers, Windows Event Logs and applications that are critical to security, network performance and the overall operations of your organization.

  • Reporting (with auditing/inventory)

    The power and flexibility of Kaseya’s reporting is second-to-none and our customized monthly Executive Report gives you a unique insight into your infrastructure that you will want to frame and hang on your wall!

  • Antivirus

    With an integrated console for managing antivirus endpoints, we have the ability to quickly assess incoming threats and provide the necessary remediation.

  • Remote Access

    Live Connect is a tool that we use to provide an integrated support interface for each machine on your network with no end user interruption

  • Patch Management

    Automatically keep servers, workstations and remote computers up-to-date with the latest important security patches and updates.

  • Desktop Migration

    This powerful tool not only helps automate the backup and collection of user settings, but we can use these backups to migrate files and settings across operating systems.  We have used this to successfully upgrade hundreds of workstations to new hardware and Windows 7.

If you are not on one of our Managed Sesrvices programs and would like to see a demo or more information, please email us. If you do have a Managed Service contract with us, please be on the lookout next week for an email detailing our updated patching schedule.

Got an iPad? Put Citrix on it!

So far, Apple has sold an estimated 4.5 million iPads in the last three months. Did you buy one? Let us help you get the most out of your portable PC. Citrix Receiver for iPad makes it easy to take the virtual office on the go. One touch gives you secure access to all of your corporate Windows applications and desktops, making it easy to work from anywhere. You can even use your iPad to host or attend online meetings while offsite with Citrix GoToMeeting. Click here to request more info.

Work securely from anywhere - View our Citrix Showcase