September 2011

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  Lock Down your Smartphone!
~ Identity Theft Prevention
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~ Office 365 Certified

Microsoft Office 365 Certified Engineers

Congratulations to the following engineers who have successfully completed Microsoft's cloud-based Office 365 training and passed the certification exam: Steve Babineau, Ray DiDonna, David Perez, John Sahenes, Jim Thibodeau, and Justin Ward. Thanks for all your hard work, guys! We've already begun deploying Office 365 and our clients love it. If you haven't heard about Office 365, it is the familiar MS Office delivered through the cloud! Everyone can work together easily with anywhere access to email, web conferencing, documents, and calendars. For more info, email us. Now that summer break is over, our technology department has resumed its training curriculum so expect to see many more new certifications over the next several months!

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"You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do."

~Henry Ford

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Mobile Security Tips

In 2010. more mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, were sold than PCs and laptops. So it makes sense that cyber criminals would start focusing their energy on hacking these devices. "The only way to truly, fully secure a smartphone is to protect the device, protect the data, and protect the apps on the device," says John Dasher, senior director of mobile security at security firm McAfee. "If you don't do all three, inherently, the device is not secure."

Here are five ways to secure your smartphone or tablet.

  • Lock or password protect the device
  • Only download apps from trusted app stores
  • When prompted by your phone or tablet to update, accept and apply it
  • Backup your data
  • Do not jailbreak your device

When you password protect your device, make sure it's secure enough but not so complicated that you cannot remember it. If you fail too many times, you will not be able to get into it. Malicious software infecting your phone or tablet most often comes from a questionable app you have downloaded so choose your apps carefully. Updates to your apps and operating system often eliminate vulnerabilities found since their release, so do accept the patches. Just like a PC, your mobile device needs to be backed up in case it breaks. Backup frequently. Finally, if you try to unlock, or jailbreak, the code in your phone, you are voiding any warranty and removing the carrier's ability to manage the phone, thereby weakening the security of the device. Nothing is foolproof, but following these tips will help prevent your device from getting hacked.

The Best Identity Theft Defense Is Vigilance

As much as we all hate having to remember so many passwords, they are the first line of defense against computer hackers. The easiest and most-effective way to avoid being a victim of computer-based identity theft is to change your password regularly and often, and to use a strong password. We found this great website to find out if your email account (both personal and business) has been made public by cyber criminals: login to and check. Even if your accounts have not been compromised, you should still setup reminders to change all of your passwords for important sites every few months.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Reminder

A few months ago we began attaching surveys to our help desk tickets, asking for feedback on our support. We have received a lot of positive response and would just like to remind all of you to continue providing comments and suggestions, as we are always looking for ways to improve service delivery. Thank you for taking the extra time to help us out!

Office 2010 Tip of the Month

Customize the Ribbon

Office finally lets you rearrange the Ribbon the way you want by clicking the File tab to go to Backstage, selecting Options, and then Customize Ribbon. In the right-hand column, you can create a new tab or a new group on an existing tab, remove or rearrange items already on the Ribbon by selecting them in the right-hand column, or select items that you want to add from the list on the left. Note: A button the lower right lets you export your customizations to other Office setups.

You can download free customized ribbons for Microsoft Office 2010 that can help you be more productive. These ribbons have a new, custom tab named Favorites. The Favorites tab was created by using customer feedback on the commands used most frequently in Microsoft Office programs. You can use these customized ribbons as is or as a starting point to personalize the ribbon the way that you want it.