December 2011

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Axcient Backup Webinar

Businesses need to maximize productivity, lower costs and decrease risks every day.

In 2012, make data protection a priority for your business!

Integrated IT Solutions will soon be hosting a Webinar with our backup partner, Axcient. Axcient is the most reliable and simple cloud-based backup and business continuity service on the market today. Look for an invite in early January!

Happy Holidays!

We look forward to a healthy and prosperous 2012 with you.

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One of the real joys of the holiday season is the opportunity to say thank you and to wish you the very best at this special time of year.


New Vulnerabilities Found in Adobe Products

Recently a vulnerability was found in both Mac and Windows versions of Adobe's Acrobat and Reader products that could allow an attacker to crash the programs and gain control of the system. So far only attacks on Windows machines have been found, but Mac systems could be affected as well.

Now two similar vulnerabilities have been found in Adobe's Flash Player, which could result in similar code being executed on the system.

So far Adobe has only addressed these exploits for version 9.x of its Reader and Acrobat products for Windows. Fixes for the other versions are due next month. Adobe has not yet issued a response to the current findings regarding Flash Player.

Unlike malware that is directly downloaded to a system and scanned, these malware attempts run through the Flash Player or Adobe Reader programs themselves, making it harder for malware scanners to detect them.

Until Adobe issues a fix, there are tools to block unwanted Flash content from running on your system. Call or email our helpdesk for more info.

Office 2010 Tip of the Month

Excel: Highlight All Cells Referenced by a Formula

When you're debugging a worksheet, you can easily navigate through all the cells referenced in a formula. Highlight the cell and press Ctrl-[ (that's Ctrl-open-square-bracket). Excel highlights all the cells referenced by the formula, and moves the current selection to the first of the referenced cells. Press Enter, and the selection moves to the next referenced cell, and continue to press Enter to move though the rest of the referenced cells.

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