July 2012

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~ Learn About Mail Filtering
~ Email Continuity
~ Summer Roadtrip Apps
~ DNSChanger Malware

DNSChanger Malware

On July 9 the FBI will shut down the servers it has been operating since a sting operation in November led to the arrest of the hackers behind the DNSChanger malware. Some of you may have seen this event referred to as “Internet Doomsday” in the mainstream news media, because infected computers depend on those servers for name resolution and will lose their ability to browse the Internet at that time. The FBI has set a simple test facility at http://dns-ok.us/ - just click on the link; if the page comes up with a green background, you are safe.

IITS Managed Services clients do not need to worry! We have already scanned your systems and confirmed they are clean, and will continue to do so to ensure they don’t get reinfected before Monday.

Happy 4th of July!

" Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and success of liberty."

~John F Kennedy

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A Few Facts About Email Filtering/Continuity

Businesses are spending more time and money managing and fixing spam email related problems than ever before. It simply wastes the time of your employees to have to go through emails to get rid of spam. It also takes up needed space on your computer's Internet server. An email filtering tool is a necessary part of any business' IT strategy.

7 Reasons why Email Filtering is so important to your business.

  1. Spam levels are increasing to a point where it is estimated they will soon account for 90% of all mail sent.
  2. The world of spam, viruses and malware has changed in recent years – with organized criminals now responsible for the bulk of the problem. Fraud and theft are the prime drivers of this activity.
  3. Over 80% of viruses currently written seek to install or to re-direct recipients to sites where they will unwittingly download keyloggers. Such software is designed specifically to harvest bank account or credit card details.
  4. Once installed, malicious software such as keyloggers and rootkits can be extremely difficult to remove.
  5. Companies are legally bound to take all reasonable measures to ensure their staff are not exposed to offensive content, or mail that puts them in danger of being defrauded.
  6. No company can afford to neglect the nature of content entering – or leaving its network.
  7. A company’s reputation can take years to develop, and minutes to destroy.

So, we can all agree that for better or worse, email is the single most critical element of business communications. Have you considered what will happen if your email is out for an hour – or even an entire day? Natural disasters, power failures, and other unexpected events can bring down a business network within seconds–derailing communications, jeopardizing business opportunities, perhaps resulting in lost revenue.

Email Continuity ensures no interruption to email in the event of a failure. It is an automated recovery service enabling web-based email access, management and use during planned or unplanned outages. For more info on how email filtering and message continuity works, email us!

Cool Apps for Hot Summer Roadtrips

Now that summer's here, we're sure you'll be doing some driving. Here are some handy apps for the open road!

Route-Specific Weather App: Road Trip Weather

With this app you can get a personalized weather forecast for your drive based on where you will be and when you will be there!

Weird Roadside Attractions: Best Road Trip Ever!

Best Road Trip Ever is a location-based travel app that contains almost 10,000 offbeat destinations and funky eateries. Who doesn't want to see the world's largest garden gnome, if given the chance?

Cheap Gas Anywhere: Gas Buddy

This app helps you find the cheapest gas stations around.

Keep the kids amused: Roadtrip Bingo US

With 6 different difficulty levels, everyone in the car will want to be on the lookout for the cars, signs, and animals on the board.

And most importantly, the music: Spotify

This app eliminates the need for cd mixes or playlists. Spotify brings you music experiences built around your music tastes - an infinite jukebox.

From all of us at Integrated It Solutions, be safe and enjoy your summer!