November 2012

In this issue. . .

~ Microsoft Surface launch
~ Hurricane Sandy
~ Beware fake airline Instagram
~ Engineer Certifications

Don't be fooled by the fake airline Instagram accounts

Fake Instagram accounts for American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and JetBlue have been set up with the promise of free flights. Please do not follow these airlines, this is a hoax!

Accounts @americanairlines_giveaways, @united_giveaways, @jetbluegiveaways, and @delta_giveaways, all work very similarly. They promise a free airline ticket or round-trip ticket to the first several thousand followers, which vary depending on the account.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are thankful for your loyal support this year!

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Hurricane Sandy

We in Massachusetts were lucky last week compared to some of our friends and clients in CT, NY and NJ. If you or your loved ones were affected by the storm. we'd like to take a moment to offer our well wishes to you. Our thoughts remain with the victims and we thank the first responders, volunteers and communities who are helping others at this time.

Now that winter weather could approach at any time, please take any precautions you can before a storm hits:

  • Ensure you have an emergency communication plan in place prior to the storm - have all employees and vendors' contact information on hand
  • Anticipate snow days: If you can work from home, make sure you are able to login remotely ahead of time and have access to every application you need, to avoid downtime the day of
  • Keep the latest copy of your backup disks or drives off-site if your data is not being backed up in the Cloud
  • If you still have power but no internet, you may be able to tether your smartphone to your laptop to get internet access
  • Consider connecting your mission critical servers and your phone system to UPS.
  • Consider shutting down all your servers, workstations, and phone system before a large storm to reduce the risk of damage. Power outages are one of the most common causes of equipment damage and data loss

Windows 8 and Surface Launched Oct. 26th.

We were lucky to be invited to Microsoft last week for the launch of several new Microsoft products coming out now. We got to play with the new Surface tablet and we were quite impressed! You have the best features of a tablet with a real laptop feel. Some cool features that make this stand out in our eyes are:

  • Office 2013 comes preloaded on it
  • The broad, 10.6 inch HD display
  • The USB port - you can plug in an external drive, a mouse, or charge your phone on it.
  • It has a 3-millimeter-thick detachable touch keyboard cover that responds more quickly to taps than a traditional keyboard and a built in kickstand
  • Angled Camera - Microsoft figured out that a 22 degree angle would allow the rear-facing webcam to work normally while the tablet was tilted into kickstand mode
  • Ability to open multiple apps at once. On the Surface you can have 2 apps running side by side.
  • It's remarkably fast and responsive on both the touchscreen and keyboard and has great battery life

Engineer Certifications

It's been a busy month for Cisco tests around here! Congrats to Steve Howard for passing his CCENT certification. And congrats to David Perez, Manouch Masoudi and John Sahenes for passing both the CCENT as well as the CCNA certification! Great job on these very difficult exams!


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