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Why you need Mobile Device Management in 2013

2012 marks a very special milestone – this year, the number of mobile devices in use has surpassed the number of people on Earth. With over 7 billion mobile devices in use (and over 6 billion cellular line subscriptions active worldwide), we are more connected than ever. Unfortunately, this also means that your data is more exposed than it has ever been. Not surprisingly, the explosion of mobile devices is accompanied by the meteoric rise in their theft and loss -  113 mobile phones are stolen every minute in the US alone. While most mobile devices have features to help safeguard your data, not all users enable these features. Do you know what happens in your organization?

Mobile Device Management, or MDM for short, is a managed service that allows us to help you safeguard the data on your mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Whether you issue phones to your staff or have a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy to mobility, MDM keeps you in control – enforcing policies such as access PINs and device-level encryption, and enabling remote locking and wiping of lost or misplaced units. This helps you protect your data and comply with ever more stringent regulations on data privacy.

Research firm Gartner, Inc predicts that more businesses will be moving towards BYOD policies in 2013. A new Gartner survey reveals that 70 percent of companies plan to have BYOD policies in place in the next 12 months to let employees use personal mobile devices such as cell phones to connect to enterprise applications. Thirty-three percent of all organizations already have such policies in place. For more information on why your company needs to have a mobile device strategy sooner rather than later, please contact your Account Manager.

Avoid Holiday Scams!

More people are shopping online this season than ever - 70% according to McAfee. This is good news for online scammers! Don't fall for their traps. It's important to be aware of social media scams, like phony retailers or contests giving away free gift cards if you post a link to your FB or Twitter, fake charities asking for donations. or suspicious Skype links, even if it comes from someone you know. Click to see how you can avoid the 12 Scams of Christmas. (We promise it's not a malicious link!)