January 2013

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~ New Year, New Mobile Device Concerns
~ New Certifications
~ Mobile Wellness Apps

New Certifications

In December, IITS achieved 2 new certifications with Microsoft - the Silver Mobility Competency as well as the Silver Server Platform Competency. These Microsoft competencies help set us apart from other IT companies by demonstrating our proven experience and skills across Microsoft's core infrastructure and cross platform solutions. With all of the new Microsoft products released this past year, it was imperative that we get trained and certified to support these new technologies. Thanks to all who helped achieve our goal!

Happy New Year!

“Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties..”

~Helen Keller

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Did you get a new tablet or smartphone for Christmas?

App analytics platform Flurry has released its annual look at how many new mobile devices came online during the holiday season, and the results show a dramatic change from last year. Over 50 million iOS and Android devices were activated during the period between December 25 to December 31, versus 20 million devices last year. Users of those and existing devices downloaded 1.76 million apps, a 47 percent increase over the 1.2 billion app downloads during the 2011 holiday week. Now more than ever, you can bet hackers will be focusing their efforts on mobile devices.

Were you one of these people activating a new device? Call us, we can help you get your work email and Citrix installed on it. More importantly, please take precautions to secure your new device. New research says 59% of organizations experienced an increase in malware infections due to insecure mobile devices. Further, Verizon Wireless just reported that 174 million records were stolen in 855 data breaches. It is so much easier for these small devices to be lost or stolen. It is critical that companies have a mobile management policy in place this year.

In December we told you about our new Mobile Device Management offering. Our effort in 2013 is to ensure our clients are as informed and secure from hackers as possbile. Our MDM software takes the work out of securing your own device and proactively maintains the ever-changing security standards. Please call us for more information on MDM. And in the meantime, see below for 10 mobile security tips.

New Year, New You: Wellness App Recommendations

Now that you have a new mobile device, you need some new apps, right? Here are some of the top health and fitness apps to get you started in the right direction: Nike's interactive fitness app is extremely user friendly; Myfitnesspal tracks calories and exercise; Lose it! is another popular weight loss tracker; Fooducate helps you make better choices at the grocery store by helping you scan barcodes; the Epicurious app has many simple healthy recipes; the fitbit sleep app helps you sleep better; and Buddhify is a new meditation mobile app for people on the go.