May 2013

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~ Internet Tax Bill info
~ Microsoft Authentication
~ Google Now App
~ Engineer Certifications
~ Taste of Spring Event

Nupath's 16th Annual Taste of Spring Event!

Integrated IT Solutions is privileged to once again sponsor the Taste of Spring event on May 15th. 100% of proceeds directly benefit the programs and services of NuPath Inc. NuPath has been supporting persons living with disabilities in our communities for 45 years.

Join us for food, cash bar, fun and wonderful raffles to benefit NuPath Inc.
Hosted by Kendra Petrone from KISS 108! Register directly here.

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Internet tax bill targets all digital downloads

The U.S. Senate voted Monday and passed a bill that would levy new tax fees on online shopping. Under the bill, states could require out-of-state retailers to collect sales taxes when they sell products over the internet. The sales taxes would be sent to the states where a shopper lives. Current law says states can only require retailers to collect sales taxes if the merchant has a physical presence in the state. It now moves onto the House for voting.

What is in the fine print of the law especially affects us day to day: they also will tax downloaded digital products including movies, music, apps, downloadable software or Web services.

It this becomes law, states that aren't home to many companies offering digital downloads will have a strong incentive to tax them - an easy way to boost state revenues without encountering local opposition. Opposers are afraid that it will be too irresistable for states to tax more and more goods and services.

Microsoft Adds Two-Factor Authentication

Last month we announced that Apple added two-factor authentication to iCloud and everything else connected to your Apple ID. Now Microsoft is following suit. Right now you have your email address and password keeping you safe.

Two-step verification works by adding another step in the mix to gain access to your account when you login. In addition to your password you’ll be using a code. That code is generated in a variety of ways, either through email, an SMS message, phone call, or authenticator application. It’s an extra layer of protection that you should you do for your work and personal email accounts - and don't forget about that Xbox you have at home too!

  1. Go to to get started. Under ‘Overview’ on the left side, click on ‘Security info’.
  2. Make sure you’ve added your cell phone number under ‘Phone number’. If you haven’t add it and follow the prompts.
  3. Under ‘Two-step verification’ click on ‘Set up’. Next we’ll be following the on screen prompts to set it up. Have your Windows Phone nearby to receive your verification code.
  4. Enter the code that was just sent to you. All set!

Google Now App Available for iPhones

Google Now is now available for iOS. Launched during Google’s annual developers conference last year, the app was previously only available for a limited number of Android devices.

With Google Now you can get information about your commute to work, the weather, the latest sports scores and even whether your flight is going to be on time. Some say it is better than Siri. Check for yourself!

New Engineer Certifications - Windows 2012

We've been spending lots of time training our engineers on the latest and greatest technology this year. Before we go on "summer break" we'd like to congratulate 10 of our amazing engineers who studied so hard to pass this exam. Congrats Steve Babineau, John Maliawco, Dave Perez, Manouch Masoudi, Nate Smith, Nasser Azadi, Dan Fallon, John Sahenes and Wilson Rodriguez for passing the Microsoft Windows Server 2012 certification! And a special congrats to Jessica Boutin who got a perfect score on the exam!!

Great job everyone!! Thank you for your dedication and all of your hard work this year! It has not gone unnoticed!