November 2013

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~ Microsoft XP EOL Countdown
~ O365 for Non-Profit
~ Holiday Open House
~ iPhone Repairs in-store

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Microsoft Security research paints bleak picture for XP users

The latest Microsoft's Security Intelligence Report has just been released and this month it focuses on the situation as it relates to Windows XP users. Citing third party data, it says that 21% of users are still running Windows XP, which will reach End of Life in April 2014, after which no security updates will be issued for it.

Once the last Windows XP patch is issued, unpatched vulnerabilities will begin to emerge. Some will have been saved by attackers for the time when there will no longer be a chance for it to be patched.

The report also states that Windows systems have gotten more resistant to malware attacks over time. At the extreme, Windows XP users are almost six times more likely to become infected with malware as Windows 8 users. This is because Microsoft has steadily incorporated defensive technologies into Windows with each new version. The only major technology XP had was Data Execution Prevention (DEP), and even the implementation of that has improved greatly in subsequent versions. Don't wait to replace your Windows XP system! Contact your Account Manager today!

Getting Office 365 for your Nonprofit

Office 365 is now available for qualifying nonprofits through its software donation program. The donation allows nonprofits to get the latest services such as commercial-free email, calendar, instant messaging, and web conferencing tools. Watch this quick 15 minute video to learn about the different options Microsoft offers for nonprofits.

Save the Date!

We're having a holiday Open House breakfast at our Beverly location on December 11th from 7:30am until 11am. Swing by Suite 221-E for coffee, breakfast and holiday treats! More info to follow as the date approaches.

Apple to offer in-store iPhone repairs, says report

Apple is gearing up to soon begin hardware repairs for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in its chain of retail stores, meaning that Apple will no longer need to fully replace iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c units with damage or other problems. Apple Store employees will be able to replace the screen, camera, speakers, and other parts while you wait.

If a customer’s iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c is under an AppleCare warranty, part replacements due to defects will be free of charge. If the iPhone is not under warranty, there will be fees for individual part replacements. For example, a battery replacement will cost $79, and a new iPhone 5c Home button will cost $29.

Sources say that the replacement parts, new iPhone screen calibration machines, and training manuals for conducting these repairs have begun arriving at some Apple Stores, so it seems likely that Apple will start the new in-store repair programsvery soon.

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