December 2013

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~ Massive Internet Hack
~ Study on Outdated Technology
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Reminder: Upcoming Holiday Open House

We're having a holiday Open House breakfast at our Beverly location on Wednesday December 11th from 8am until 11am. Swing by Suite 221-E for coffee, breakfast and holiday treats! Bring your business card to be entered into the raffle!

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One of the real joys of the holiday season is the opportunity to say thank you and to wish you the very best at this special time of year.

Massive hack affects almost 2 million Internet accounts

Almost 2 million accounts on Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo and other social media and Internet sites have been breached.

The hackers stole 1.58 million website login credentials and 320,000 e-mail account credentials, among other items, the firm Trustwave reported. Included in the breaches were thefts of 318,121 passwords from Facebook, 59,549 from Yahoo, 54,437 from Google, 21,708 from Twitter and 8,490 from LinkedIn. The list also includes 7,978 from ADP, the payroll service provider. ADP, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter say they have notified users and reset passwords for compromised accounts.

In compiling the data, Trustwave also discovered that many users are doing just what we always advise against, using simple passwords that can easily be guessed. Protect your data and reduce security risks by making your passwords complex and change them frequently!

How much does outdated technology hurt Small Business competitiveness?

When was the last time your small company overhauled its computers, Web site and other pieces of crucial IT infrastructure? The decision to put off these investments could be hurting it with both employees and customers, according to two separate research studies offered by Microsoft and Intel.

The Intel research suggests that small-business workers could be losing up to one work week per year because of old personal computers. Specifically, if a PC is four years or older, employees lose 21 hours on repairs, maintenance and security fixes, according to the Intel Small Business PC Refresh Study.

The Microsoft research revealed: 61% of respondents think a business is outdated if it's using an operating system that is more than five years old, 25% think an SMB lacks credibility if it is using a free email service and 70% said they were concerned about providing personal information on an outdated website.

Let 2014 be the year you invest in modern technology! It will boost employee productivity, gain credibility for your business and be the key to your future success.