Integrated IT Solutions News January 2014
New gadget?
Let us help install it!

Did you get a new mobile device over the holidays? We can help you set it up! Some things to consider to help you make the most of your new gadget:

Turn on the lock screen and enable a passcode.

Activate lost device location features.

Create a backup plan and stick to it! When possible, use apps that automatically sync anything you create to the cloud.

Be aware of mobile data usage and limits. Try to connect to a wi-fi source whenever possible.

Delete the junk: go through and delete any promotional or unwanted apps right away.

If you're replacing a gadget, don't forget to wipe your old device completely before handing it down, selling it, or donating it.

Business tips for winter weather

Now that winter is here, please see our tips below on how you can better prepare for a weather emergency in order to minimize impact on your network:

Ensure you have an emergency communication plan in place prior to the storm

Anticipate snow days: If you can work from home, make sure you are able to login remotely ahead of time and have access to every application you need

Keep the latest copy of your backup disks or drives off-site if your data is not being backed up in the cloud

Connect your mission critical servers and phone system to UPS

Consider shutting down all your servers, workstations, and phone system before a large storm to reduce the risk of damage

Microsoft Software End of Life Countdown: 85 Days

Customers running Windows XP, Office 2003 and Exchange Server 2003 will no longer receive security updates, support, or hot fixes from Microsoft, making their systems extremely vulnerable to malicious software and compliance issues on April 8th, 2014. Contact us for more information on upgrading your software..

Mobile Device Management

Smartphones and tablets represent the fastest growing segment of IT devices. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture continues to present security challenges to businesses. MDM combines an expansive set of tools and services to enforce policies and protect data, while helping maximize the benefit and convenience factors of mobile devices

Integrated IT Solutions' NetMobile program combines industry leading technology with a mature services infrastructure to ensure your MDM needs are met in a simple, reliable way. The best approach is to establish clear guidelines, develop policies that allow for the protection of business needs, and deploy technologies that make managing large numbers of devices safe, consistent and predictable.


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