Integrated IT Solutions News January 2015
Winter weather preparedness

Now that winter is here, besides staying warm, please see our tips below on how you can better prepare for a weather emergency in order to minimize impact on your network:

Ensure you have an emergency communication plan in place prior to the storm and that your employees have access to it

Anticipate snow days: If you can work from home, make sure you are able to login remotely ahead of time and have access to every application you need

Keep the latest copy of your backup disks or drives off-site if your data is not being backed up in the cloud

Connect your mission critical servers and phone system to a UPS. Make sure the batteries are in proper working order

Consider shutting down all your servers, workstations, and phone system before a large storm to reduce the risk of severe damage

Microsoft audit requests

Recently we've seen a proliferation of requests from Microsoft to our clients asking for a "self audit" of Microsoft licensing. This is a legitimate request and needs to be taken seriously. Microsoft is becoming more aggressive in it's pursuit of ensuring compliance across it's entire product line.

It is imperative that all businesses using Microsoft products adhere to Microsoft's terms and conditions to avoid fines or penalties. For these audits you will need to prove the Open, OEM and retail licensing that you own. It must match the users and equipment count you have. The only way to prove that you own OEM or retail is to show possession of the COA (Certificate of Authenticity), the install media and keys and generally speaking, the packaging for good measure.

If you do receive an email requesting a self audit, Integrated IT Solutions can help you get your Open license history.

Windows 2003 End of Life Countdown: 186 Days

Are you ready? The clock is ticking. As you think about upgrading your Windows Server 2003 environment ahead of the July deadline, don't forget about the applications. Consider updating your overall platform to get the best database capabilities.

There is no avoiding the need for change, but it does not have to be disruptive. We can help reduce the complexity, time, and risk associated with migrating applications and infrastructure. Let us help you finalize your budget and plan your migration. Call your account manager today.

In the market for equipment?

From time to time, we receive inquiries regarding the availability of gently used equipment that is fully functional but no longer needed and taking up space, especially now that more people are moving infrastructure to the cloud.

If you are looking for a trusted source to buy (or more often, get for free) used equipment, just let us know and we may be able to be of some assistance. Equipment we typically come across may include a variety of server racks, APC "Server Room in a Box" 18U soundproof enclosures, UPS equipment and other server room items. At the very least, we can help point you in the right direction.

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