Integrated IT Solutions News September 2015
DR preparedness

Although most businesses claim they conduct a full exercise of their Disaster Recovery plans at least once per year, evidence suggests that the majority of these exercises are not comprehensive and thorough; businesses both small and large often just exercise a portion of the plan. It might be a good time to review and test your disaster recovery plan now, before winter comes.

Some tips to remember: include all business stakeholders in the plan. Each department should verify success of the test. Rotating staff responsibilities and assigning new roles during exercises ensures cross training of key duties. Be as specific as possible: defining specific risk scenarios provides realistic testing situations in the event of an actual emergency.And finally: learn from your mistakes. The point of these excercises is to find holes in the plan. If you don't find them, you are probably not looking hard enough. The more visibility you have in reporting what worked and what didn't, the better.

Phishing scam alert

We wanted to inform you of a skyrocketing scam in which cyber criminals spoof emails from executives at a victim organization in a bid to execute unauthorized international wire transfers.

There is a clear pattern for which you need to watch. It often begins with the scammers phishing an executive, dropping a Trojan, and gaining 24/7 access to that individual’s inbox. Then they research the organization and monitor the email account for months until the right circumstances arrive, next they pounce. They spoof the CEO's address and send messages to employees in accounting from a look-alike domain name that is one or two letters off from the target company’s true domain name. Please alert your employees to be on the lookout. Your sales rep is prepared to provide you with a social engineering "red flags" document that you can share with them. Email or call your sales rep today to request your copy.

New Apple products

Last week, Apple revealed its largest tablet yet, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, along with an optional $169 keyboard and $99 stylus called the Apple Pencil. This is aimed at businesses and offers many of the same capabilties Microsoft's Surface offers. The company also updated its Apple TV streaming-media device, adding a remote control that lets TV watchers find their favorite programs using voice commands via Siri digital-assistant software. Apple also introduced its newest smartphones, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. New products are available for pre order now.

The new iPad Pro

CVS confirms data breach

CVS's photo site has been the latest target of a cyber attack. CVS said it continues to investigate the incident, and the company's online photo service is currently shut down until they can get a handle on the situation. Millions of transactions could possibly have been stolen.

If you have used their online photo site, please be aware of the breach and contact your credit card company for further instructions.

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