Integrated IT Solutions News January 2016
Mobius Works Acquisition

We are pleased to announce we have recently acquired Mobius Works based out of Westfield, MA. Mobius Works, in business since 2001, is a full service information technology company serving all of New England.

We look forward to introducing you to the team of highly skilled staff. Please join us in welcoming the following Technical Service staff from Mobius Works: David Alger, Matthew Biegalski, John Harrington, William Harrington, Michael Hiersche, Jason Lafleur, Josh Liccardi, Joseph Mancini and Sales staff: John Bowen and Dale Rhodes.

By expanding our technical knowledge base as well as our geographical reach to western MA and Connecticut, we hope to be able to provide you with the complete range of network and business application solutions in order to meet all of your IT needs.


New year, new passwords

2015 saw millions of users' personal information hacked. Cybersecurity requires many different defenses. It requires multifactor authentication, secure operating systems, secure applications, firewalls, password management, data encryption, and monitoring. With the new year, it's time for new passwords. Change every password you have.

Consider looking into multifactor authentication. This is where logging into a computer, network, cloud, and application requires more that just typing a password. It requires extra layers. We will see this becoming more of a requirement in 2016.

Many companies think they are too small to be a target. We are seeing the opposite is true. Hackers know that many small and medium sized businesses do not invest in security like the bigger companies do. Now smaller companies are the main target.

Internet Explorer End of Life

Reminder: after January 12th, Microsoft will support IE9 only on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, and IE10 only on Windows Server 2012. All others, including those with devices powered by Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, must run IE11 or Edge. The retired browsers will still work but Microsoft will stop technical support and stop issuing security updates for the outdated versions. Call us to help upgrade you!


Welcome Mobius!

Recycle old equipment

Do you have old, end of life equipment sitting around taking up space in your server room or elsewhere? Consider making a 2016 goal to properly dispose and recycle computer and electronic waste material.

We work with several companies that will come to your office to take away your equipment either free or for a nominal fee, depending on the item. If the material happens to be high end equipment these companies can provide an assessment for the value of the inventory and make arrangements to purchase the equipment. They willalso issue certification of hard drive destruction, and inventory intake reports for the recycling of obsolete electronics and systems. We would be happy to give you a referral for this service.


Integrated IT Solutions is an Employee-Owned, ISO 9001 Certified Company.

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