Integrated IT Solutions News May 2016
4 Skype for Business tips

Since becoming part of Office 365 last year, Skype for Business has integrated with the features of Lync to deliver a multi-method conversation tool. Here are 4 helpful tips:

1. Schedule a video or audio call from Outlook: Straight from your Outlook calendar, you are able to schedule Skype for Business calls both within your calendar and within an invite.

2.Share your screen: options include sharing your whole desktop, a certain application, a PowerPoint presentation, or event an attachment.

3. Skype direct call: users can easily make phone calls from their computer and connect quickly with colleagues instead of video conferencing. Just use the audio feature instead of video.

4. Send a quick message: the IM feature is great for quick messages and the conversation is recorded in a history folder in Outlook for future reference.

NuPath Taste of Spring

NuPath's "A Taste of Spring" has become an annual tradition in Woburn and returns on May 18th at the Hilton Hotel. This event hosts 25 of the best area restaurants offering delicious samplings from their establishments. It is one of the largest and most anticipated community fundraisers of the year.

Integrated IT Solutions is honored to once again sponsor the Taste of Spring event on May 13th. All proceeds benefit our longtime client, NuPath and adults living with Autism and developmental disabilities in over 40 communities. NuPath has been serving people with disabilities for over 45 years.

Besides the delicious food samples there will be raffles, silent auctions and door prizes. Tickets are just $25 and you can register online. We can't wait! See you there!


Ransomware is getting worse

Ransomware is a type of malware that once installed on your computer locks and encrypts files. The cybercriminals who send it to you then threaten to destroy your files unless you pay a ransom, generally in untraceable bitcoins. The FBI has recently warned that attacks against hospitals, schools, government agencies, police departments, businesses and individuals are dramatically increasing.

Phishing is often used to spread the malware. Emails lure the victim to click on a link, which downloads the ransomware. It targets specific victims by personalizing an email to make it appear especially legitimate.
Cybercriminals can do this by gathering information from various sources including social media accounts. By putting too much personal information on social media, we often become our own worst enemy.

It is important not to rely on your security program. Even the best security software companies are always going to be playing catch-up when developing security patches for these newly discovered vulnerabilities. Please be extremely careful when you open suspicious looking emails or go to random websites. It is imperative to have incremental backups so that you can restore your files from a point prior to the infection. If you think you have ransomware, you probably do. Shut your PC off and call us immediately.


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