Integrated IT Solutions News Sept 2016
Apple news

This week, Apple announced its new products. The event was dedicated to showcasing upgraded versions of the iPhone and Apple Watch, both of which feature new colors, and are water and dust resistent. The iPhone 7 lost a headphone jack but gained new wireless “AirPod” earbuds and a second camera. It also has a 25 percent brighter display, with a wider color gamut for better color management and reproduction.

iOS 10 is coming out September 13th. Siri has gotten smart enough to handle image searches and handle transcribing voicemails and now both Siri and iMessage are opening up to developers. Users will also see more widgets and better notifications, and Apple has extended Continuity to include Universal Clipboard, which lets you copy text and images on your phone and paste them on your Mac.

MacOS's next update, Sierra, will officially launch on September 20th. With Sierra, Siri will finally come to the Mac, letting you access things like files and email with voice commands. It features a more mature iCloud and improved Continuity, which means storing files and moving work back and forth between your Mac and iPhone should be easier.

SharePoint Spotlight

SharePoint has many benefits that small to medium business owners can take advantage of. A few key features are:

1. Easier sharing and searching of documents:
Large files often cannot be shared over email, or take too long to upload. SharePoint provides users with a central location in which to save documents SharePoint supports many different file types beyond the ones used by Office. This central library, if utilized by all employees to store necessary files, is easily searchable
2. A collaborative environment:
When you have multiple employees working on the same document, keeping updated can be tough as each user will likely have different versions saved on their computer. With SharePoint's central file system, users view the same document. If one person makes changes, they will immediately show on the document
3. It is manageable internally
SharePoint also provides tools that make it easier for content managers, team leads, etc. to coordinate documents and user activity.

Contact our SharePoint experts for a preliminary consultation to see how SharePoint can fit into your organization.

Hackers Stole Account Details for Over 60 Million Dropbox

Hackers have stolen over 60 million account details for online cloud storage platform Dropbox. Although the accounts were stolen during a previously disclosed breach, and Dropbox says it has already forced password resets, it was not known how many users had been affected, and only now is the true extent of the hack coming to light. Dropbox announced it was forcing password resets for a number of users after discovering a set of account details linked to a 2012 breach. The company did not publish an exact figure on the number of resets, and said it had taken the move proactively.

This is just the latest in "mega-breaches" to be revealed. This summer, hundreds of millions of records from sites such as LinkedIn, MySpace, and Tumblr from years-old data breaches were sold and traded amongst hackers. It is no longer a matter of "if" your data will be breached, but "when."

Social Media Scam

Proofpoint just blogged about the risks of (mis)using social media for technical support purposes. It's a simple, brilliant scheme. The bad guys set up a fake PayPal Support website and create a fake Twitter account, and then monitor the real PayPal Support page on Twitter for potential marks. When users experiencing problems with PayPal hit the real Twitter PayPal Support account asking for help, the bad guys swoop in and respond to these users from their fake PayPal Support account with a social engineering attack.

The response is a classic phish, pointing would-be victims to the fake PayPal support site where users are asked to log in with their PayPal credentials. When they enter the credentials, they have just handed these criminals unrestricted access to their money.

Always remember to think before you click, and only enter credentials on a site for which you typed the URL (or to which you navigated by using your bookmarks.)

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