Integrated IT Solutions News Oct 2016
Microsoft Advanced Security

Security got top billing at Microsoft's Ignite conference last week. The company has broadened the scope of Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection to cover its whole suite of productivity software, while adding deeper capabilities to better mark sensitive data and to analyze and respond to incoming threats. That includes cyberthreats that haven't even emerged yet, with a heavy focus on using machine learning and new capabilities to identify and react to prevent breaches or minimize the impact of breaches that do happen.
Past features including URL interception and inspection and administrator analytics on user behavior, are now coming to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business.

The new Windows Defender Application Guard uses isolated containers which Microsoft says will be built directly into the hardware to keep malicious code from jumping from employee devices into the corporate network.


Apple Store phishing

Phishing attacks using false Apple Store email messages, fake landing pages and sometimes fake login pages are still a very popular attack vector. A recently detected one: The "refund request" scam imitates the Apple "look" and asks not only for the full address information but also the credit card data, and makes sure you notice that "Apple is committed to protecting your privacy", telling you that your card will not be charged. Yeah, sure. These hackers are pros in their field and show great attention to detail. They even have little question marks you can click on that are very helpful explaining what you need to fill out in the field so they can fully steal your credit card data.

The fact that these attacks still make it through quite a few different filters shows that technology can only do so much to help; the privacy of your information is in your hands, which is why it's so important for security to remain at the top of your mind, whether it is at home or in the office. You are your own best defense.

Yahoo Hacked

The news was ablaze last week with information about Yahoo's massive hack. Nearly 500 million accounts were compromised, and reports of what was actually stolen varies, stating at first that names, email addresses, phone numbers and hashed passwords were compromised, and later admitting that credit card data and/or bank account information was also likely picked up. Yahoo blamed state sponsored actors" for the breach.

If you have a Yahoo account and for some reason you have not already done so, change your password. Today. If you shared that same password with any other service (such as with your bank!) change that one too, and this time remember to make them different. If you can't "remember all those passwords", use a password vault like Keepass or LastPass. Remember also that when a major event like this happens, it is inevitably followed by a string of phishing emails from opportunists trying to con you into clicking on something bad for you. So put your fingers to work, actually type (or use a bookmark you created) in your browser, and change your password. And always remember to think before you click.

Upcoming Security Seminars

October is National Cybersecurity Month. Are you as secure as you think? Prepare for the when, not the if. Join Integrated IT Solutions for two security seminars - one in Hartford, CT and one in Burlington, MA presented by Integrated IT Solutions in conjunction with the Small Business Association of New England and Microsoft Corporation.

Listen to the experts on security, from an IT infrastructure and compliance standpoint, legal implications of a breach, understanding cyberliability insurance solutions and more. Go to to learn more and register. Seating is limited so RSVP now.


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