Integrated IT Solutions News Dec 2016
Stay cybersafe while holiday shopping

The holiday season is a hackers dream. They have lots of tricks to get you to click on malicious links or connect to a compromised wi-fi hotspot. Public wifi isn't secure. Hackers can potentially steal login and password information that you yourself type in or that your phone automatically fills in through pre-existing cookies. Be careful where you login to and where you are buying things on the fly. Maybe wait until you are home to order something. Also, it's tempting to let a website keep your credit card number and information on file. But if that site gets breached and it hasn't done a good job of protecting everyone's credit card information, it could mean trouble.

Connectable devices will be a hot item this holiday season. Take the time to reset the password they came with because typically those passwords are easily hackable. Be wary of package delivery tracking emails. Many times they are phishing emails and not real. A good idea is to go directly to the website and track your order there. Stay safe and happy shopping!

Yahoo hack update

Yahoo is reaching out to users, advising them to change passwords and upgrade their security after it announced 1 billion accounts were hacked. That comes on top of a breach involving as many as 500 million Yahoo users that the company reported in September of this year but which took place in 2014. They are also sending possibly affected users email. Look carefully. Not all emails that look like they come from Yahoo are legit.

Users should consider enabling two-step authentication on their Yahoo accounts, to provide an extra strong level of security. In addition, users need to think about passwords and security questions from other accounts on which they gave the same or similar information used for their Yahoo account and possibly change them as well.

Once hackers have access to ID and password information for one system, they routinely try the same combination against multiple other platforms to see which ones work, an easily automated process.

One of the real joys of the holiday season is the opportunity to say thank you and to wish you the very best at this special time of year.

Here's to a safe and prosperous 2017!!

Microsoft and Linkedin

Microsoft's purchase of LinkedIn was finalized last week and they have announced how it will integrate with its products. For starters, LinkedIn identity and network capabilities will be coming to Microsoft Outlook, and to the Office suite in general. Additionally, LinkedIn notifications will be available to users in the Windows action center as well.

Microsoft will enable LinkedIn members who draft a résumé in Word to directly update their LinkedIn profile page, and more easily search for and apply to relevant job postings. Enterprise LinkedIn Lookup will soon be powered by Active Directory and Office 365, which could make it easier for employees to connect with one another.

The deal has always been about data, and the integrations are just the start of how the two companies will merge their individual data graphs. It remains to be seen how LinkedIn's Sponsored Content will integrate into Microsoft's products and whether we will begin seing ads in our Office applications.

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