Integrated IT Solutions News Jan 2017
New Year's tech resolutions

The new year brings the perfect time to resolve to be more tech savvy. Take this time to reolve to change your passwords, as painful as you might think it be, every three months, with a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols, and long words. We also recommend setting up two factor authentication for an extra level of security.

Another resolution you must keep: make sure you have a good backup. Chances are you will get the cryptowall virus which could wipe out your files at any time. Having a reliable incremental backup will ensure that you can recover to a safe point before the virus. Resolve to increase your security knowledge and practices this year!

Cyber ransom attacks hit 49% last year

According to a report from Radware, 49% of businesses fell victim to cyber ransoms in 2016. Ransom money is the top motivation behind these attacks and IT professionals are extremely concerned about data loss. Carl Herberger, vice president of security solutions at Radware, says "Attackers employ an ever-increasing number of tactics to steal valuable information, from ransom attacks that can lock up a company's data, to DDoS attacks that act as a smoke screen for information theft, to direct brute force or injection attacks that grant direct access to internal data." Despite the growth in attacks, some 40% of organizations reported that they do not have an incident response plan in place, the survey found. Let us help you plan for the inevitable. Call your account manager for info.

Happy New Year!

Samsung Note recall news

We finally have some news regarding the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, which resulted in 3 million recalled phones. During a recent press conference, Samsung said two separate battery defects caused both the original batch of Galaxy Note 7 phones and the replacement units to overheat.

The first battery, it said, suffered from a design flaw. The battery's external casing was too small for the components inside, causing it to short-circuit and ignite. The second battery, which came from another supplier, didn't have the same flaw, but In the rush to pump out enough batteries for the replacement units, though, the supplier introduced a manufacturing defect that led to the same result.

The biggest task for Samsung this year will be regaining consumer trust, showing customers that its devices are safe and that the company won't make the same mistakes again. They will be introducing the Galaxy S8 and a new Note later this year.


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