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Upcoming Cyber Security seminars

The next generation of Cyber Security is not just about firewalls and antivirus anymore. A recent study showed that more than half of small business owners think they're too small to be targeted by hackers. But the reality is: more than 70% of reported breaches actually affected businesses with 100 employees or less.

Learn about emerging threats and the most recent innovations in Cyber Security so that your organization can be better prepared to manage the imminent risks that threaten businesses.Two upcoming events are in Hartford, CT on March 1st and then Springfield, MA on March 15. To learn more and register, go to our events page. We invite you to check out our security services as well.

IRS fraud warning

The IRS renewed their warning about an email scam that uses a corporate officer’s name to request employee W-2 Forms from company payroll or human resources departments.

The IRS has received new notifications that the email scam is making its way across the nation for a second time. The IRS urges company payroll officials to double check any executive-level or unusual requests for lists of Forms W-2 or Social Security number.

The W-2 scam first appeared last year. Cybercriminals tricked payroll and human resource officials into disclosing employee names, SSNs and income information. The thieves then attempted to file fraudulent tax returns for tax refunds.


Important malware alert

A new version of cryptographic malware was recently detected by researchers at GData. It’s called CynA-Crypt. It appears to be a hodgepodge of executables and PowerShell scripts pulled together from a malware kit by someone with limited skills (but no lack of desire to do damage.) It scans your computer, steals anything that seems remotely valuable (passwords, personal information) and encrypts files at the same time.

Though it makes no sense, it seems to also delete some of the files without creating a backup anywhere, which means its creators cannot guarantee the recovery of the information they’ve compromised, though rest assured this does not stop them from asking for ransom. As of now the infection vector is an attachment to emails.

This malware is significant because if you are hit, you must assume you’ve had a full scale breach of privacy on all the information on your system. Bad enough for individuals hit on their personal systems, but potentially very damaging for a business if you have work-related PI (or PHI) on your work computer.

Please keeps your eyes open, and think before you click.

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