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IITS SIEM Event Management

Live Threat Management

IITS SIEM Event Management captures and alerts our team of security professionals when malicious network activity is detected. We offer all the benefits of an advanced Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution without the need for capital investment and without burdening your existing IT resources.

24x7 security management requires planning, execution, response and the auditing of all activities. When it happens, IITS SIEM Event Management provides the execution of enterprise log management and incident response to a security event. Best practices require a third-party provide planning and auditing service to assure we, as a service provider, deliver the level of protection your organization requires.

IITS SIEM Event Management provides;

  • Real-Time capture and evaluation of log data and alerting.
  • Expertise with SIEM application ensuring it is optimally configured for your network and security needs.
  • Dedicated and trained security professionals who keep up-to-date on the rapidly changing threat landscape.
  • 24x7 monitoring and incident response.
  • Review of daily log data looking for trends that may be a precursor to an attack.
  • Fine tuning and adjusting alerts and/or log data parsing rules as needed.
  • Execution of non-intrusive vulnerability scans to assure that any network changes have not resulted in a new risk.

IITS SIEM Event Management also provides regulatory and standards based reporting to support an incident investigation, including;

  • Change management so you know who, what, when, and where network changes were made while capturing the previous configuration of devices.
  • Access via a client portal to a full set of your data, events and reports.
  • Fulfill auditors request for information pre-defined reports keyed to the specific compliance obligations such as, HIPAA, and PCI.