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Mobile Device Management

Smartphones and tablets represent the fastest growing segment of information technology devices, and are expected to surpass traditional PCs and laptops as endpoint computing devices at some point in the foreseeable future. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture, which encourages individuals to use devices they own (as opposed to devices owned by their employer) to engage in business activities changes the rules, as those responsible for an organization's data can no longer assume they have unrestricted access (and deletion) rights to all data on a device. This presents unique challenges to businesses, which must now balance the need to protect the privacy of their data with the incredible gains in convenience and productivity offered by this emerging technology.

Integrated IT Solutions' NetMobile program combines industry-leading technology with a mature services infrastructure to ensure your MDM needs are met in a simple, reliable way. The best approach is to establish clear guidelines, develop policies that allow for the protections a business needs, and deploy technologies that make managing large numbers of devices safe, consistent and predictable.

Mobile Device Management does just that, combining an expansive set of tools and services to enforce policies and protect data, while helping maximize the benefit and convenience factors of mobile devices.


Device enrollment takes just minutes instead of hours. We can discover new users and devices, and launch a simple end user self-service enrollment process.

Manage NetMobile:

Management provides a unified management console for all mobile devices with centralized policy and control across multiple platforms. Through automated workflows, IT can discover, enroll, manage and report on all enterprise-wide devices.

Secure NetMobile:

Management offers enforcement of passcode policies and strong encryption keys protects sensitive business and personal data on mobile devices. Through real-time compliance management, we can detect when users opt out of your MDM program, install prohibited applications or initiate SIM changes. Based on this information, you can take automated policy actions, such as messaging the user, blocking email or even wiping the corporate data from the device.

Monitor Mobility:

Intelligence (MI) dashboards deliver an interactive, graphical summary of your mobile device operations and compliance. NetMobile Management provides reporting and analytics to provide a high level view into your mobile device landscape with detailed hardware and software inventory reports, plus configuration and vulnerability details.


Supporting mobile workers requires a 24x7 operation thats always on. NetMobile provides robust help desk capabilities for support procedures such as locating a device with GPS, resetting a users passcode and sending a direct message to a device.

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