Gain Greater Value from Sales and Support Hubs with Call Center Services

Your call and contact center stands at the forefront of customer sales and service. They can range from small, help desk-type operations to large-scale, multisite, multimedia contact centers.

But contact center solutions used in even the smallest setting may be required to enable remote workers, integrate business processes, control costs, and ensure business continuity. At the same time, these systems must streamline business operations and processes, improve communications, and be self-managed with minimal intervention.

When your customers call, are they guaranteed a quality experience that will bring them back again? Does the call center help you achieve all the business goals you seek? Is your call center capable of becoming a competitive advantage for you?

A call and contact center that’s riddled with problems can lead to unhappy customers, disrupted processes, and, ultimately, lost revenue. But one that is well-thought out, agile, and takes advantage of leading-edge technology to provide greater functionality and access to data can change the game for you. This is where Integrated IT’s call center design and implementation services can help.

Comprehensive Contact Center Capabilities

For organizations looking at complete solution, Integrated IT can design and implement a robust customer engagement suite that offers inbound voice, outbound voice, and omnichannel digital engagement capabilities.

By taking advantage of the Ring Central Contact Center platform, we can help organizations create seamless experiences for your customers by connecting across channels and bringing together internal teams.

This complete solution allows you to:
  • Speed Up Support – Resolve customer issues faster with intuitive tools that work from anywhere. Get fast resolution to your customer issues, no matter which channel you’re on.
  • Meet Customers on Their Preferred Channel – Make it easy for customers to reach out in the way that’s most convenient for them. Make it simple, intuitive, and easy to connect in their channel of choice.
  • Increase Conversion – Reach out to leads and customers with powerful automated dialers.
  • Seamlessly Integrate with RingCentral MVP – Bring all your teams together to deliver exceptional customer experiences with team messaging, video meetings, and phone calls – all in one secure app.
Key features include:
  • Efficient Inbound Call Routing – Deliver the best customer experience with skills-based call routing. RingCentral Contact Center can intelligently route calls to the most appropriate agent for the fastest resolution.
  • Superior Outbound Capabilities – Increase the success of your outbound strategy with RingCentral tools. Improve customer connections for higher conversion rates and increased revenues by:
    • Maximizing agent productivity
    • Automating mundane tasks
    • Making multiple, simultaneous predictive calls
    • Eliminating awkward delays when greeting callers
  • Omnichannel Routing – Empower agents across all channels – voice and digital – with a single, intuitive agent interface. Communicate with your customers the way they want to on their device of choice and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Real-time Reporting And Analytics – RingCentral Contact Center reporting and analytics offer a wide range of customizable, visual ways to make business-critical decisions in real time. With up-to-the-minute data accessed through easily customizable dashboards, you’ll be better equipped to address business issues in your call center as soon as they happen.

Situation-Specific Call Center Solutions

Integrated IT also offers design and implementation services for small- to medium-sized and enterprise contact center solutions that address custom phone systems and solutions that optimize communication.

By taking advantage of technologies from Mitel and ShoreTel, we can integrate new technology with existing infrastructure investments and provide you with the flexibility to add increasingly sophisticated capabilities as your needs change and grow.

These solutions allow clients to:
  • Improve Customer Experience - You have one chance to make a lasting impression. A contact center solution can help you enhance the customer experience from the moment calls reach your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to call resolution.
  • Integrated Business Processes - Businesses also need solutions to integrate and streamline business processes and promote efficient communications. With forecasting tools and integrated workforce management tools, supervisors can ensure the right number of skilled agents are available to handle the forecasted call volume and help contact centers optimize resource use and effectively control costs.
  • Ensure Business Continuity - Your customers expect consistent, dependable communications despite accidents or unplanned emergencies that may occur. Ensuring continuity in service and communications requires planning and strategy. It requires a sound communications infrastructure and daily activities that support business requirements for disaster recovery, business resumption, and emergency preparedness.
  • Drive Quality Improvement - Use recorded calls for coaching, training and recognition. Use them to improve interaction between employees and customers. You can even use them to track and optimize the effectiveness of phone-based marketing campaigns. Quality Management gives you unmatched monitoring, search, documentation and reporting capabilities.

Please contact us at 1-800-672-4968 for more information, and to learn how we can help you to migrate to a new Cloud Service that meets your organization requirements.

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