ShoreTel and Mitel Mobility solutions ensure you never miss a call and save costs on hardware with Mobility app for iOS and Android. The mobile app brings together all the call handling, conferencing and directory features of your desk phone so users can work from anywhere. The Mobility solution is available for both cloud and premise implementations allowing the workforce to BYOD (bring your own device). With the mobile app, you can use your personal device without utilizing your carrier minutes.

Calls are received and sent through your corporate user number so you never have to give your personal cell number, can quickly access your personal and corporate contacts and save on unnecessary carrier expenses.

  • Dashboard:
    Easily view upcoming events, recent activities and join meetings in one click.
  • PBX Features:
    Stay connected on the go with features such as voicemail, hold, transfer and more.
  • Wi-Fi/Cellular Call Handover:
    Never lose a call due to bad reception or Wi-Fi.
  • Security:
    SRTP security for both voice and UC signals, even in public hotspots.

Please contact us at 1-800-672-4968 for more information, and to learn how we can help you to migrate to a new Cloud Service that meets your organization requirements.