Reduce Risk, Build Resiliency with Cybersecurity Services

Recent increases in ransomware attacks, insurance cybersecurity requirements and other pressures are dramatically increasing the need for businesses to secure their data.

But implementing effective cybersecurity measures is particularly challenging today because of remote or geographically dispersed workforces and the number of mobile devices now in use – at the same time that attackers are becoming more innovative and intrusions more disruptive and costly.

Integrated IT offers a complete suite of expert cybersecurity services, ensuring clients have the flexible and scalable staffing and technology resources they need to be well-defended against threats and able to recover faster if intrusions do occur.

Managed Security Services

IT teams often have their hands full meeting core business needs, with little time to stay abreast of the latest techniques and technologies to support comprehensive endpoint security, research the latest network best practices, or understand the best technology to meet the unique industry, business, and financial needs of your organization.

Fortunately, the cybersecurity experts at Integrated IT focus on protecting clients from security breaches 24/7/365 while removing the need to recruit experts in-house or source and implement the best technologies – all for a predictable, flat fee.

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Consultative Cybersecurity Services

In addition to our full-service services, Integrated IT takes advantage of powerful, complete security software from leading partners, tailoring the solution to the needs of individual clients. Partners include:

The cyber security team at Integrated IT is focused on working with clients to increase resilience against cyber threats and ensure continued organizational growth in a flexible, scalable way.

That’s why we offer project-based consulting services related to identification of threats, protection against attacks, detection of intrusions, and response, whether it’s expert advice or a full system design and implementation.

And, because Integrated IT is a full-service firm, we even offer full business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities.

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Compliance Services

Your organization has a unique information technology and business footprint. Compliance with modern industry and regulatory requirements has never been more challenging. And ensuring your organization is in full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and standards is a task that involves numerous members of your team.

Partnering with a compliance services firm allows clients to gain the benefit of expert security management and software without having to build – and continuously modify – capability in-house.

The compliance experts at Integrated IT focus on helping organizations secure data and ensuring compliance that is both comprehensive and yet easy to manage long-term.

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Cybersecurity vs. Information Security

While there is some overlap between information security and cybersecurity, most people define information security as the overarching idea of data security. This includes the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data (this is often referred to as the “CIA”), even when it is stored as paper rather than digitally.

Security of data stored electronically (i.e., on servers, networks, laptops, mobile devices, or in the cloud) is a subset of information security called cybersecurity, which is a major area of focus for Integrated IT. Key components of cybersecurity include identifying what the critical data is, where it resides, its risk exposure, and the processes and technology necessary to protect it.

Cybersecurity services often include:
  • Identifying vulnerabilities to phishing and other threats
  • Installing multi-factor authentication
  • Securing cloud-based VPN access, email, and CRM
  • Protecting remote access
  • Ensuring endpoint security
  • Network assessment, hardening, and monitoring
  • Continuity and disaster recovery planning and implementation

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