Enhancing Patient Experience with Integrated IT Services for Healthcare Providers

One of the top priorities for Healthcare providers today is to improve their patients’ experience. Internet-connected medical devices and mobile health (mHealth) are doing just that with roles such as patient care, medical records and online billing. But finding a balance between making data more readily available to patients and having security in place to protect that data is an ongoing challenge. Without the right IT infrastructure, your medical practice is at risk for noncompliance resulting in hefty fines, and data breaches that can damage your reputation.

Integrated IT’s managed services allow you to leverage state-of-the-art technology that will improve your network stability, increase performance and provide data security that adheres to the strict privacy policies and mandated technology guidelines such HIPAA and PCI DSS. Additional benefits to our managed services are:

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Let us manage your IT so your staff can focus on your patients!

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