Transition Planning
& Execution

Transition planning and execution

Mergers, corporate buyouts, or transfers of business have a shared characteristic – IT challenges. Having a stable IT landscape is the only way to guarantee a successful transition.

Integrated IT provides deep technical expertise to support your IT transition team throughout the phases of the M&A project.

Due Diligence Phase

Post Merger Phase

Due Diligence Phase:

  • Determine technical compatibility and synergies for all IT infrastructure components, processes, and security
  • Develop IT integration strategy

Post Merger Phase:

  •  Account for and analyze every system and process used by both companies
  • Design enterprise architecture and establish cost budget
  • Develop and execute migration / implementation plan, covering:
  • Network Operations
  • Firewall Administration and Support
  • Software Licensing
  • Workstation Administration and Support
  • Helpdesk Operations
  • Email Administration and Support
  • Database Administration
  • Data Backup and Retrieval
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Execution

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