Our goal is to facilitate better business results through improved communications outcomes that are enabled by "better than live" communications experiences. Ultimately, a successful unified communications solution must deliver a rich, real-time collaborative environment that rivals or exceeds what can be readily achieved through face-to-face communications.

Via our MiTel and ShoreTel solutions, we enable enterprises to foster a dynamic, real-time environment in order to share ideas and information in the pursuit of common goals. Collaboration Solutions allow two or more people in geographically dispersed locations to communicate more effectively.

Collaboration Technologies we offer are:

  • Audio and Web Conferencing
    Mitel and ShoreTel Audio and Web Conferencing (AWC) are simple, cost-effective, and scalable. AWC supports up to 200 audio and web conferencing ports and is the perfect solution for connecting people together quickly and simply, regardless of their location.

    AWC combines the benefits of a feature-rich audio conferencing solution with easy-to-use, intuitive web conferencing facilities enabling users to enhance a conference call or meeting through the use of shared documents, presentations, chat and video.

Product Key Features:

  • Better Communications: High quality audio and video let people interact easily and effectively, no matter where they are located.
  • Faster Business Decisions: Arrange meetings instantly to bring the right people together at the right time.
  • Easy Scheduling: The simple, web-based interface lets you send e-mail invitations with access codes, dial-in numbers, web links and all the details participants need for effective meetings.
  • Lower Costs: Reduce costly and inefficient travel, while avoiding the high costs of outsourced conferencing services.

Integration with Microsoft UC

We offer a range of solutions that in conjunction with telephony and presence integration to Microsoft® Office Communications Server 2007 R2 and Microsoft Lync™ 2010 Server.

  • Direct SIP
    An end-user can establish calls from a Microsoft® Office Communicator client or a Microsoft Lync™ client, acting as a basic SIP softphone, to or from a desk phone, the public switched telephone network (PSTN), or any other network-connected PBX.
  • Dual Forking with Remote Call Control
    Dual forking with remote call control (RCC) is targeted at Microsoft® Office Communications Server 2007 R2 users who want the combination of using their Communicator client with a desk phone and using Communicator as a SIP softphone.
  • Live Business Gateway
    Live Business Gateway enables enterprises to implement IP-based solutions through a smooth, intelligent evolution working with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 or Microsoft Lync™ 2010 Server.

Unified Communicator Solution

Unified communications application that gives you a single access point for all your business communication and collaboration needs. It provides real-time access to everyone in the organization, on or off the premises, and enhances the effectiveness of "in the moment" communications.

It delivers:

  • Desktop and Softphone Integration
  • Corporate Directory Access
  • Visual Voice Mail
  • Detailed Call History
  • Secure Instant Messaging
  • Point to Point Video Conferencing
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Mobile Integration
  • Automatically Update Your Presence Status

Please contact us at 1-800-672-4968 for more information, and to learn how we can help you to migrate to a new Cloud Service that meets your organization requirements.

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