Access Expert Advice and Accelerate Projects with Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Digital threats are becoming more prolific and complex even as business ecosystems and value chains continue to expand on-premises and in the cloud. However, with cybersecurity-focused experts who are deeply entrenched in all the leading-edge techniques and technologies, you can make every part of your business more resilient.

The cybersecurity team at Integrated IT is focused on working with clients to increase resilience against cyber threats and ensure continued organizational growth in a flexible, scalable way.

That’s why we offer project-based consulting services related to identification of threats, protection against attacks, detection of intrusions, and response, whether it’s expert advice or a full system design and implementation.

Benefits of Our Consultative Cybersecurity Services

  • Minimize Risk
    Take advantage of expert planning and execution that is focused on staying abreast of the latest threats and remediation techniques
  • Transform Organizational Preparedness
    Help build a more robust cybersecurity posture and promote adoption of new processes and technologies
  • Accelerate Action
    Supplementing your in-house team with outside experts speeds implementation of new cybersecurity projects
  • Build Trust
    Demonstrate your commitment to your end clients with a strong cybersecurity program that protects their data and their organization

Consultative Cybersecurity Services vs. Managed Security Services

Many organizations seek to outsource ongoing monitoring of threat detection via a managed security service provider (MSSP). These MSSPs track threats to the organization’s systems and respond as necessary, typically on a 24/7/365 basis.

However, there are often cases where a client – who may or may not already have an MSSP contract – will just want ad hoc advice with cybersecurity experts they don’t have on staff in-house or one-time help with a single security project. For this second type of engagement, clients seek our consultative cybersecurity services.

Consultative cybersecurity professional services engagements can include:

  • Cyber operations and resilience modeling
  • System design and implementation, often for cloud or hybrid environments
  • Risk policies and procedures documentation
  • Advanced attack and readiness preparation
  • Application security advisory services
  • Threat intelligence decision support
  • Cyber investigations and response

Best Practices in Cloud Security

Cloud is becoming an increasingly popular option for workloads in a variety of industries. Cloud often offers more cost-effectiveness than on-premises solutions, simplicity of management, reliable performance, and other benefits organizations of all sizes find attractive. However, there is often a concern that there are too many data protection and overall cybersecurity challenges when migrating from a legacy, on-premises IT infrastructure to the cloud.

However, by using security features found in leading cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and partnering with experienced managed security services providers such as Integrated IT, we believe clients can maximize the value of the cloud while they minimize the risks.

Putting Security and Compliance First in Cloud Migration

Download the white paper from CIO Magazine for cloud security best practices

Experts In Implementing Security Solutions from Industry Leaders

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